Monday, December 17, 2012

Maybelline Wet Shine Fusion in Coral Kiss

I picked this up at the Dollar Tree for only $1.00 a while back and I am glad that I did. They had a couple of colors, but the one that I picked was Coral Kiss. I am pretty sure that these are discontinued, but you might be able to find them online on Ebay or other cosmetic outlet websites. Coral Kiss is a sheer golden peach. The Wet Shine Fusion formula is solid and looks like a lipstick but it is suprisingly very moisturizing. It has a golden shimmer to it, so if you don't like shimmer I wouldn't suggest buying this. The shimmer isn't chunky or too noticeable, it's very nice. It is very sheer but still buildable. 

Orly Nail Polish in Pointe Blanche

Photo Source: Central Nail Supply

Orly's Pointe Blanche for a french tip manicure retails for $6.99 but at Sally's Beauty Supply if you have the Beauty Club Card it is only $6.49. Pointe Blanche is your standard white creme nail polish but what makes this different is the brush. The brush on this nail polish is a precision brush that is thin and flat which makes it the perfect brush for doing a french tip manicure. I love the formula on this as well because it is very pigmented and will only take you one coat when using it for a french tip. If you are using this to polish your whole nail it will take three coats. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Slatkin & Co. Cranberry Pear Bellini Candle

Photo Source: Bath & Body Works

I received this candle in the VIP Tote Bag on Black Friday. In order to get the tote for $20 you had to purchase at least $40 worth of stuff. I am glad that I got the tote because I probably wouldn't have tried this scent otherwise. I had picked it up and smelled it but didn't end up purchasing it because it smelled a little too strong for me. Don't judge this candle at first smell! I ended up burning through the mini size in a day and just picked up the 3-wick one the other day. I absolutely love this scent. Bath & Body Works website describes this candle as "a bright blend of sparkling cranberry, sweet pear nectar and luscious blackcurrant. " I would say that is definitely true! You can smell the champagne when you first open it without even burning it and it may seem a little strong, but it smells amazing once you actually burn it. I would highly suggest picking up this scent while you can!