Thursday, November 22, 2012

LA Splash Cosmetics Lip Divinity Lipstick in Heavenly Nude

I hate to bring you guys a product shade that is no longer available, but I just had to because there are still other colors that you can purchase. The LA Splash Lip Divinity Lipsticks retail for $7.99 but on Cherry Culture they are only $6.99. Cherry Culture is the only place that I can find them for sale at the moment but I do see them on Ebay every so often. Heavenly Nude is really that, a heavenly nude lipstick! Heavenly Nude is a pink nude shade with a hint of shimmer. Once applied on the lips though you really don't see any shimmer. This lipstick does have a hardness to it where it's almost like the consistency of a lip liner. One thing that is nice about the consistency not being super creamy is that this lip stick lasts longer and doesn't bleed. 

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