Thursday, October 18, 2012

Julep Nail Polish in Penelope

Photo Source: Missy Holly Berries

Julep describes Penelope as "opaque creme, almost white with a hint of blush." I don't think they could have described it any better. They were spot on with that description and said it so much better than I would have. Plain and simple, this is a super pale pink. This is the only Julep nail polish I own that I do not care for. This nail polish is very sheer, and takes four coats to become opaque. I love the color, but cannot stand the formula so unfortunately this polish probably won't be getting used. The only time I will probably use this is if I am layering some sort of glitter or decorative top coat on top. I might try layering this on top of a white polish to see if that works any better. 

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